Communications that inspire Positive Culture and Brand Authenticity amongst all stakeholders

eximia raises the stakes in Creative

A creative communications agency founded by a corporate, for corporates.

We combine first-hand corporate experience with creativity to make communicating with your key stakeholders easy, efficient and effective.

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eximia inspires positive culture shifts

We create campaigns that clearly communicate a company’s purpose and values. This builds and nurtures a strong cultural framework and supports sustainable business performance.

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Legal Governance & Risk

Whilst strong governance underpins public confidence and supports sustainable performance, it’s much more than a set of rules, policies and processes. As the global business landscape continues in its complexity, a regularly communicated robust governance framework is essential.

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Investor Relations

The readiness of regulators and investors to publicly scrutinise and hold boards to account means sophisticated and coherent two-way dialogue is more essential than ever. Communication is key to building trust, confidence, long-term relationships and an open, honest exchange of views.

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HR & Reward

The HR landscape is dramatically changing, so communication strategies must follow. Creating two-way, real-time dialogue has never been so vital given the proliferation of technology, political and economic uncertainties, continued scrutiny over executive pay, and the evolution of work culture.

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Corporate Responsibility

With customers, employees and investors engaging with businesses based on community, societal, and environmental measures, establishing a consistent and authentic approach is vital. This strategy must be supported by a communication plan that intertwines CR within the culture of the business, aligning actions to its values.

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Share Plans

With the proliferation of technology, political and economic challenges, and the evolution of business culture, the workplace landscape is set to change dramatically. It’s our duty as fellow industry experts to ensure share plans continue to have a vital place in the remuneration mix of the future.

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Communications and Learning & Development

With stakeholder and work-life boundaries blurring, content efficiencies can be gained if a bridge between departments is created successfully. This can help overcome content shock, whilst increasing consistency and engagement.

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