Communication is a basic human need. It's at the centre of everything we do.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to help our clients achieve theirs.

EXIMIA is passionate about creating unity among all stakeholders. Unity that nurtures a genuine culture and ethical framework, forming a foundation that supports long-term business performance.

This is achieved through consistent and considered communication campaigns that put a company’s purpose and values at the heart of everything it says and does.

Beyond convention

EXIMIA is a communication agency founded by a corporate, for corporates.

The board may set the company strategy and values, but filtering them down through the business is a task that falls to various group departments.

It’s not uncommon for each department to communicate with its own set of stakeholders independently. They all have their own communication challenges, which are often coupled with a lack of time, creative know-how and resource.

This is what inspired EXIMIA’s founder, Chrissie Davis.

Chrissie has worked for several large listed corporates as a chartered company secretary. This role supported the board and its strategic aims and called for a broad set of skills, including good communication to both internal and external stakeholders.

With her thorough understanding of all group functions, Chrissie could see a potential to create a connection across them, whilst also bridging the gap between these technical areas and creative communications.

This is why EXIMIA was formed.

When circumstances result in the need for extra support, you’d ideally like someone who thinks just like you. Someone who understands, not just how and when to reach your audience, but who has a detailed appreciation of complex corporate frameworks, technical subject matters and disparate stakeholder groups.

This sets EXIMIA beyond convention.

Challenge the Process

Make a difference by going beyond convention – challenge us to enhance your communications and influence a positive shift in culture.

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