Data protection day – a pivotal day in a landmark year

Published on Friday 26th of January, 2018

By Chrissie Davis

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It’s data protection day!


I think this is in fact a pivotal year for data protection given the GDPR is due to come into force on 25 May… do your bit towards creating a culture shift, whereby data privacy and management is at the heart of everyday business operations.

So with this in mind, have you got a long-term GDPR communication plan in place?

If not, EXIMIA can help. Our team offers communication design that is based on an intrinsic understanding of data protection and GDPR. We take the technical facts of GDPR through a creative process, breaking them down across various digital and print mediums to help reach out to employees – to raise awareness, understanding and action.

Data is an asset, so we collectively need to invest in it.

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