Gender Pay Gap Reporting – It’s all in the preparation   

Published on Thursday 15th of December, 2016

By Chrissie Davis

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The final version of the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 was issued on 6 December 2016.

There was a slight delay as they were originally expected to be released in August, but they are now available and still come into effect on 6 April 2017. Employers with over 250 or more relevant employees will be required to calculate their first pay gaps and salary quartiles using the pay period within which 5 April falls. The data must be published by 4 April 2018 at the latest.

As a result of the consultation, the revised regulations are materially different to the draft regulations published in February 2016. Further detail will be provided in the Guidance to accompany the Regulations, which is expected in the new year.

Due to the way the calculations are to be carried out, this will not assist you in analysing where your pay gap issues lie and why. Therefore, any supporting narrative you are likely to want to publish to explain your figures will need further analysis and work to be carried out.

Preparation is key, but this must be supported by effective and transparent communications.

If you’re looking to communicate your figures to stakeholders and want to see examples of how this could be presented effectively, please contact us. We can help transform your data and narrative, making them far more visually appealing, so in turn more digestible to read and understand.


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