Internal comms – how do we tackle GDPR?

Published on Tuesday 22nd of May, 2018

Want to support your business when it comes to the new data protection legislation (GDPR) that’s about to come into force in a matter of days but it just seems so complicated…


Well, it certainly doesn’t make for lightest of reading, so when it comes to it being your task to make sure the entire business is aware of it, understands it and sees the benefits of operating their day-to-day activities by it… good luck!


The current data protection legislation has been with us in its current form since 1998 and yet I witness regular actions, albeit innocent rather than malicious, by employees that contravene its core principles. If this is still happening after almost two decades of this legislation being in place, then what hope do we have for the GDPR and its potential steep penalties?   


I think we need a plan!


An ongoing GDPR communications plan needs to be set up to tackle this. But where do you start such a detailed subject matter and the responsibility to brief a creative team to develop your campaign assets?


EXIMIA can help. Our team offers communication design that is based on an intrinsic understanding of data protection and GDPR. We take the technical facts of GDPR through a creative process, breaking them down across various digital and print mediums to help reach out to employees – to raise awareness, understanding and action.


Data is an asset, so invest in it.


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