It’s important to have purpose

Published on Wednesday 30th of November, 2016

By Chrissie Davis

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There’s great emphasis on building a strong business culture, but it can often be difficult to define, build and maintain – best demonstrated by various recent breaches and failures.

A strong culture drives sustainable business performance, but where do we start?


Without purpose, we have no clear objectives, which in turn means we don’t have an established set of values and ethics on which to underpin culture.

Once you have these defined, then they need to be translated to employees.

Culture must be nurtured, so it should be considered central to all communications. A communications framework will help establish a consistent approach to all campaigns, so each and every time you communicate to employees, whatever the subject, culture sits at the heart of the message.

By partnering with EXIMIA you can translate to your employees how your purpose is to be achieved, based on a values-led approach, to build a genuine culture that drives sustainable performance.

Your culture is your brand.

The Institute of Business Ethics wraps up its 30 Days of Ethics initiative by exploring culture:
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