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Published on Wednesday 25th of May, 2016

By Chrissie Davis

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With 23 June fast approaching, is your business prepared if the British people decide to leave the EU?

If the outcome of the public vote is to leave, then the ramifications could be far-reaching and onerous for businesses over a long period of time. This, of course, all depends on how the UK government decide to deal with this, so at the moment there is a great deal of uncertainty.

The UK will be subject to a two-year negotiation period on the arrangements for its withdrawal, which will raise both legal and economic changes, and therefore associated business risks.

As with disaster planning, this plan may not be needed but reputation is at risk here if companies are ill-prepared and fail to plan. It will certainly cause investors and other stakeholders to question their trust in a business that is unable to plan for a big change such as Brexit.

Plan and then communicate that this plan is in place.

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