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At Eximia the team is passionate about creating unity among all stakeholders. We firmly believe that effective communication is key to a stronger culture and sustainable long-term performance.

We work closely with our clients to help them tell their story in ways that connect people to company purpose, values and strategy.

Chrissie Davis

Founder & Fellow Chartered Company Secretary

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From corporate to communications…
our journey

I’ve worked for several large listed corporates as a chartered company secretary, a role that supports the board and its strategic aims, calling for a broad set of commercial and technical skills.

However, I could see there was so much potential to bridge the gap between the technical business areas and the creative communication process.  I founded Eximia to do just that – to create joined up, consistent narrative to support the evolution of organisational culture and performance.

When you need extra support, you’d ideally like someone who understands. This is not just about how and when to reach your audience, but also having a detailed appreciation of complex corporate challenges and technical subject matters. At Eximia, we’re an experienced team who can translate your brief efficiently, create added value and outcomes that exceed your expectations.

In February 2020, I was pleased to make the DMJ ‘Governance Hot 100’ list as a trailblazer.

Guiding principles


We must use our knowledge and expertise to their fullest potential to add utmost value to our service.

Always maximise our unique expertise to solve problems or explore opportunities, go the extra mile, and give primary focus to delivering superior campaign outcomes.


Always remember the boundless opportunities of creativity and expression.

It’s ingrained in us to innovate, be one step ahead and push the limits to harness the combined power of the written and the visual aspects of communication.


We live and breathe our brand, Eximia – which is Latin for ‘exceptional’.

Our vision is to deliver exceptional communications that foster meaningful conversations to drive strong resilient cultures and support long term sustainable performance.

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