Governance communications: Coronavirus and cybercrime – are employees aware of the threat? 

17 June 2020

By Chrissie Davis


Many businesses have shifted to remote working for the foreseeable future due to the current crisis and this is likely to change the way we work long term too – which means compliance needs to work remotely too.

This new ‘normal’ has brought an increased cybercrime threat. Both people and companies are vulnerable to fraudulent emails, text messages and social media posts related to the pandemic. Cybercriminals are always one step ahead and looking for the next weakest entry point, and unfortunately, this is often via people.

So it’s important to focus prevention efforts on employees and not just technology – even if you have strong risk policies and education in place. People can forget what they know when they’re out of their usual working environment and experiencing change.


Make your communications count

Getting your compliance messages across is more important than ever, but it’s also tougher. There’s more ‘noise’ due to all the communications going out in response to the fast-changing situation.

You need to carefully prioritise the risks and target the audiences most likely to be affected. Then it’s all about communicating clearly, concisely and creatively to cut through:

1. Give bitesize advice
Communicate little and often. Avoid long emails and share ‘tips of the week’ as quick animations, videos or infographics. Place quick nudges in relevant places, like password guidance at login.

2. Share real examples
Stories help people understand and remember things. Share relevant examples of scams and those affected, so people know the risks and consequences are real. Link to other sources and include ways to stay safe.

3. Create a conversation
Encourage people to talk. Promote ways to raise concerns or ask questions. Host an interactive webinar, create a quiz for teams to do together or send out a brief pulse survey as a risk health check.

4. Provide context
As with all internal communication, it’s essential to link your messages to the bigger picture i.e. why does this matter to the individual, for their colleagues, customers, communities and the company?


You don’t have to do this on your own. Check out the Government advice and the Take Five to Stop Fraud campaign for guidance and resources to help you protect employees and your business.


Need expert support with content, design and delivery of communication campaigns?

If you want a more bespoke campaign to engage colleagues and help you manage risk, we’ve got the governance and compliance experience coupled with creative expertise you need. Let’s talk.

Chrissie Davis

Founder and Chartered Secretary

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