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East West Railway Company (EWR Co) launched in 2017 to bring new drive and focus to the East West Rail project – a new direct connection between Oxford and Cambridge.

EWR Co has customers and communities at its core, with a mission to innovate and challenge the status-quo in the rail and construction industries, leading to a more efficient and cost-effective project delivery, as well as a great experience for passengers and the communities they serve.


A communications campaign was created and delivered to support a people-first programme dedicated to improving work-life balance. This process started by supporting the Head of People to scope the key features of this flexible and smart working programme, delivering it to the board for discussion alongside a training session. The second phase was to produce high-level organisation-wide ‘principles’, providing a framework for leadership to roll out a tailor-made programme to their team.


Content and design of themed communication assets for both digital and print delivery – including board papers and presentations, infographics, GIFs, brochures, policies, posters and leadership packs.


Supported with campaign delivery across various platforms and engagement analysis.


Not only was EWR Co moving its headquarters from London to Milton Keynes, the company was doing so during the Covid pandemic – so having this people-first programme laid a good foundation and got employees ready for lockdown and remote working.


We carried out a deepdive of the organisation, with research activities helping to quickly understand EWR Co’s challenges and culture.

This allowed us to waste no time in carrying out industry research and best practice and supporting the Board. Once we helped define the overarching principles and framework, creative content and striking visuals were produced as part of our communications plan, working alongside the organisation’s People, IT, Strategy and Leadership teams.

Our aim was to ensure clarity of message, provide a good rhythm of communications and inspire conversations so teams would have exercises and supporting materials to define how they could best adopt the organisation’s smart working principles – ‘Workwise’.

Eximia is a great combination of communications and HR knowledge, underpinned by fantastic design capability. They integrated very well into our company, understanding our culture and dynamics within a very limited period of time.

The team is brilliant in working in the shoes of its clients. They are perfect listeners, very professional, knowledgeable, energetic and passionate. Chrissie Davis [Eximia Founder] in particular is amazing in building relationships, putting forward great ideas and solutions.

Head of People Culture

East West Rail Company

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