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Keller Group plc is the world’s largest geotechnical contractor, with operations across 6 continents and sales of £2.2 billion.

We’ve helped this client communicate across a variety of topics and challenges to increase colleague engagement.


We utilise our corporate, compliance and share plans expertise to scope communication campaigns. We create campaign narrative and content with a creative theme in mind.


Our designers work in synergy with our copywriting and communications experts to ensure each campaign has a clear theme, linking messaging and visuals seamlessly.


Assisting campaign delivery to office and site-based colleagues across 15 languages.


With compliance changes and internal developments, we have supported Keller to engage its 10,000 people with campaigns to ensure there is a high level of engagement and adoption. We’ve helped deliver campaigns to deliver changes due to GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, making the topic understandable and applicable to their day-to-day roles. We’ve also assisted with communicating the launch of new software to make share plan management easier, as well as continued support of regular share plan activity.

The Process:

These topics can be heavily legal in tone and often complicated to understand. The first thing we do is to plan and develop and the core messaging so topics are digestible, easy to understand and emphasise any benefits or opportunities. To reach all colleagues, we deliver a suite of emails, interactive pdfs, training modules, and supporting print assets.

Eximia has offered tremendous support in developing communication strategies on topics that are challenging to convey, which, for us included the launch of a new online Share Awards Platform and a Global Data Governance Framework as a result of the new General Data Protection Regulation.  Their creative solutions to deliver on these work streams ensured that colleagues were fully engaged.

Deputy Company Secretary

Keller Group plc

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