10 positive internal comms lessons from the election campaigns

17 December 2019

By Alex - Associate Employee Communications Consultant

Internal Comms | Eximia


It’s done. Disinformation, denial, dodgy sums and disappearing acts contributed to the most remarkable and controversial general election, possibly ever.

What has this got to do with improving internal communications?

Well, if you think about it, each party is trying to reach a diverse, captive group of people and influence their behaviour, just like any campaign for employees.

And, often, they’re mixing old-school strategy with cutting edge techniques to great effect.

So, forgetting the more questionable tactics, there are useful things (both dos and don’ts) you can take from the campaigns to create winning communications for colleagues.


  1. Set clear objectives (what you want your audience to think, feel and do) and be strategic (bigger picture to gain overall awareness, understanding, commitment and action).
  2. Get to know your audience using all of the available data and new research, so you have a deep understanding of them and can identify different segments.
  3. Produce targeted messages for each segment and reach them on best-fit communication channels (blending the latest digital technology with face-to-face touchpoints).
  4. Be creative with content and visuals – make it unexpected and shareable.
  5. Be planned and consistent, but also agile (proactive and flexible to being reactive).
  6. Visibility, credibility and authenticity of leadership are vital.
  7. Storytelling is powerful – you need both an overall narrative and stories that are employee-generated to bring your message to life.
  8. Utilise behavioural psychology (emotional triggers and nudge theory), it’s not easy but it works.
  9. Be sure to test, measure and continuously improve throughout the campaign.
  10. Remember, you can’t control the conversation but you can lead it.

Hearts and minds, not party lines

Whether you want to engage your people with reward components, like share plans and pension schemes, or technical legal topics, such as governance and compliance, we’re experts in these areas. So we make it easier, quicker and more cost-effective to reach exceptional outcomes.

We’ll help you create campaigns that positively change colleague behaviour – increasing awareness and understanding so they take positive action.

All whilst promising not to replace you with an ice sculpture if you can’t make it to a meeting!

Partner with us and give us a try to see how easy we make the process.

Alex - Associate Employee Communications Consultant

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