Audit and analysis

Effective communication meets your people where they are – so start by listening to them.

The power of audit and analysis

How do you know your total reward communication is having the desired impact?

When communicating with your employees, you should consider:

  • How they respond to different channels, formats and tone of voice
  • How much awareness and understanding they have about the subject

An audit and analysis of your total reward communications will identify what resonates with your colleagues – and what doesn’t. It will help drive your strategy, so you can produce the type of content your people want, where and when.

Are you getting the most from your communication effort and reaching your goals?

The average company analyses 37-40% of its data.

How we add value

We want to empower our clients to maximise their communications by using data to give them valuable insights. We’ll take a proactive and strategic approach throughout the lifecycle of their total reward communication project.

Working with you, we will:

  • Maximise your time, resources and budget
  • Carry out a listening exercise to audit the current landscape and deliver recommendations
  • Analyse patterns and trends in data to advise on the next steps
  • Measure the impact against your goals
  • Demonstrate the value of your project to leadership and internal stakeholders

What does this look like?

Qualitative methods

  • Focus groups representing a cross-section of engaged and non-engaged employees
  • Resources to help clients facilitate their own focus group sessions

Quantitative methods

  • Pulse surveys
  • Data gathering from online and offline communication assets

Whatever your challenge, we’ll use qualitative and quantitative data and turn it into meaningful insights to help inform you on what the next total reward communication steps should be.

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