Animation and video

Capture your employees’ attention and encourage action using video and animation in your total reward communications.

The power of animation and video

Animation and video help us to tell stories and communicate emotions and ideas in a unique and easy way that appeals to a variety of learners.

Using design, bold graphics and exciting scripts to create a video can connect people to what you’re saying in a way that other forms of communication cannot.

How we add value

From simple text-based explanations to a sophisticated world of characters, we think about how to visualise your message and turn it into an engaging and motivating animated story.

We use voiceovers or subtitles for multiple languages ensuring we reach all of your people. Not only that, we understand the importance of music and sound to help us set the tone.

From initial concepts, through to design decisions and animation our unique team of rewards and communication experts bridge the gap between corporate complexity and creative communication.

Working with you, we will:

  • Get to grips quickly with your Total Reward topic saving you time and energy.
  • Create exciting animations that can be reused across multiple digital platforms.
  • Create videos that stand the test of time.
  • Align your animation with other communication for a holistic approach to reward.

Viewers retain 95% of a message in a video

Total Reward animation and video materials

Our clients have asked us to produce animations and videos for:

  • Reward launches
  • Simplifying complex topics
  • Sneak previews
  • Educational assets
  • Building culture & values
  • Platform demonstrations

Whatever your challenge, we create animations and videos that bring your rewards to life. We simplify the complex, increasing awareness and creating that all-important engagement.

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