Who we are

Eximia builds a bridge between a company’s employees and their total rewards, empowering individuals to choose what’s right for them and improve their financial wellbeing.

We create great communications to help organisations build stronger cultures and sustainable long-term performance. We align employees to the wider mission, values and strategy of the company.

Our story

Eximia was born out of frustration.

Founder Chrissie Davis was passionate about the work she did in governance and share plans for several large FTSE organisations. However, the benefits and value of these technical, legal and financial topics were not being fully realised. All the components were there, except one – effective employee communications.

Her passion drove her to set up Eximia to help organisations engage, educate and empower their employees. From day one, the goal was clear – to offer a unique approach to reward communication with our technical knowhow and creative expertise.

And here we are today: a growing team who are just as determined as Chrissie to help organisations support their people's financial wellbeing.

What makes us unique

Our combination of total reward expertise and creative flair isn't the only thing that makes Eximia unique. We work effectively as a team by encouraging our technically minded team members to think creatively, and our creatives to think on a technical level. This collaborative approach benefits us and our clients – saving time, budget and resource.

Meet the leadership team

We're exceptional creatives and total reward experts. We make the most complex messaging clear, bold and energetic. The communication challenges you face aren't new to us. We get it, and we know what works.


Managing Director and Fellow Chartered Secretary

  • Fellow CoSec and Founder
  • Ran all aspects of share plans in-house (SAYE, SIP, LTIP, Bonus etc globally)
  • Handled share plan change communications through various corporate actions for FTSE 100 companies
  • Over 10 years' communication and creative experience


Creative Lead

  • Lead creative – graphic design and animation
  • 10 years' creative experience
  • Digital and print expertise
  • 9 years working with share plan communications


Strategic Communications Lead

  • Member of the CIPR (MCIPR)
  • 10 years' experience in strategic communications
  • Proficient in turning technical topics into exciting and accessible content
  • Skilled in connecting with audiences in the right way, at the right time, in the right format

The wider team

The leadership team is supported by in-house experts in total rewards, share plans, communications consultancy, copywriting, graphic design, animation and web development. We also have a well-established network of external partners whose skills and expertise complement our services, bringing additional value.

Want to join our team? Check out our Careers page.

Our values

We bridge the gap between people and reward, and how we do this is reflected in our values.

We're Bold, Responsible, Involved, Different, Genuine and Exceptional.


We think big and free our curiosity to develop bright ideas.


We look after our clients, delivering the greatest value and impact at every opportunity.


We actively encourage conversations that champion communications within the rewards industry.


We're one team, blending our knowledge and skills to maximise our potential.


We work transparently to build long-term, trusting relationships.


Eximia is Latin for exceptional. We live up to our name.

Our mission

Simplify the complex to
engage, educate
& empower

employees, helping them improve
their financial
resilience and
sense of belonging.

Challenge the Process

You may have spotted our mantra 'Challenge The Process' in our newsletters, insights blogs and on our LinkedIn profile.

But what does it mean?

Sometimes, organisations do things a certain way because "that's the way it's always been done." But the way we work, live and play evolves. Technology and regulation requirements change.

Sometimes, there's a more effective and efficient way to do things.

To #ChallengeTheProcess means to question, to think differently, to innovate.

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