5 ways managers can support employee mental health

April is Stress Awareness Month, so we’re looking at the ways we can support our mental health and manage stress better.

This year’s theme #LittleByLittle highlights the transformative impact of consistent, small positive actions on our wellbeing. Watch our short video on the winning formula for stress management.

When it comes to our work lives, Managers and leadership have a role to play in supporting employee mental health and wellbeing – ensuring open communication, practical support, and a good work-life balance are prioritised.

Here are some things you can focus on this month and implement long-term.

Keep open lines of communication

Encourage regular feedback and check-ins with your team and show empathy and understanding. Let them know you’re there to listen, whether they’re dealing with work stress, personal issues, or just feeling overwhelmed. By creating a safe space, they’ll know they can come to you with any concerns without fear of stigma or reprisal.

Encourage healthy boundaries

Remind everyone it’s not all about work and encourage healthy boundaries. Insist that your team to take time for themselves, their families and hobbies — whatever makes them happy outside of the office or home office. One of the best ways to manage stress is by spending more time in nature, so why not set up a monthly walking challenge or start a yoga club?

Offer a helping hand

Make sure you communicate what external services and resources available to support employee mental health. Remind them about your employee assistance program (EAP) and any other benefits that are available, so they have access whenever they need it.

Normalise self-care

We all know how much better we feel after a little self-care! Normalise wellbeing activities, meditation sessions, daily stretching and taking regular breaks. When everyone’s feeling good, the whole team thrives.

Lead by example

Show your team how you take care of yourself too. When they see you setting boundaries, taking breaks, and prioritising your wellbeing, they’ll feel more empowered to do the same.

Remember, it’s all about creating a workplace where everyone feels supported, understood, and valued—not just as employees, but as people.

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