Adapting pension communications in a digital world 

The ever-changing digital landscape has impacted the way we search for and digest information. When it comes to pension communications, more of us are heading online… 

With the growing presence of AI financial tools and the Pensions Dashboards Programme set to launch in 2026, more of us will be relying on technology to help us manage our finances. Research shows that 67% of millennials are looking for computer-generated recommendations as a core aspect of their investment strategy, while Gen Alpha are set to be the most digitally empowered generation.  

The benefits of digitalisation and automation of employee communications are endless. Employees can self-serve for information and get answers to questions in seconds, and companies can save time and resource while meeting their environmental and sustainability goals.  

There’s no better time to offer digital solutions, especially when it comes to communicating about pensions. But without knowing your audience and meeting them where they are, or having a well-thought-out communications strategy in place, your efforts to get people online may be wasted.  

Engaging your audience 

There isn’t a one-size fits all approach to communicating pensions. Knowing your audience is key to engaging them. Whether you’re targeting a younger demographic or employees approaching retirement age, you’ll need to communicate at different times in different ways. For example, if you’re targeting tech savvy Gen Z’s about the benefits of joining a pension scheme, use language that resonates with them and their lifestyles. You want to educate them about pensions but also show how convenient managing their pension online can be. 

Considering people’s attitudes toward money, family circumstances and financial status can help you ensure you craft the right message. In addition, people’s learning styles and lifestyles may impact the way they receive information. The more you can tailor your messaging, the better chance you have of engaging your audience. 

Get creative 

People will quickly disengage if they’re presented with too much text or confusing jargon, so get creative with your marketing. Include infographics, interactive elements or animated video to convey your message and effectively increase engagement levels. 

Consistent messaging 

Regular contact is key  you can’t build strong engagement if you communicate about your digital services once in a blue moon. Pensions awareness is an ongoing effort. Drip-feed your communication and be sure to set a way of measuring awareness and understanding, not just take-up levels. You can do this through employee surveys and feedback to assess where you’re at. 

Choose your channel 

It’s important to remember that embracing the digital transformation doesn’t mean that there’s no place for print or face-to-face communications. Choose your channel wisely. You may still need to encourage participation through these channels first before people feel empowered or confident enough to visit your website, use your app or AI model, or opt-in to receive digital communications. 

If you need support communicating your online pension services, get in touch. We’d love to chat.

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