Are you including everyone in your share plan communication?

October is Global Diversity Awareness Month. At Eximia, our minds have naturally turned towards making your share plan communications engage all your people – whatever their background. It’s a broad subject, but keep these golden rules in mind to include everyone in the conversation:

  1. Welcome diversity of thought at the planning stage to create a communications strategy that speaks to all voices. We all have our own personal thoughts and experiences, which can impact our decisions. In share plan communication, this could be assuming we know about our colleagues, and how we should communicate with them.
  2. Use a mixture of communications channels and formats: brochures, emails, video content, webinars, drop-in sessions and more. Not everyone absorbs information in the same way, so cater for all tastes with a blend of written, visual and verbally communicated assets.
  3. Think carefully about the language you use in your communications, or you may unintentionally exclude sections of your employee audience. This includes making sure everyone understand your message – including colleagues who are neurodiverse or who aren’t native English speakers.

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