New tool on the block: can social media help communicate your reward?

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One of the best ways to get your people involved in your reward, from pensions to share plans, is to create a culture of belonging. Social media platforms can help with that.

Feeling connected to the people around us gets the best out of us – especially at work. Building relationships with our colleagues encourages us, increases our motivation, and leads to greater productivity. If your people are engaged at work, they’re more likely to hear your share plan and reward message.

But how do you do that?

Every organisation is different, so different tools will work in different places. But one increasingly popular tool is the workplace social media platform, like Meta’s Workplace or Google’s WorkSpace. Microsoft’s Yammer has been around for a long time, but it doesn’t have all the functionalities of its competitors. So they’ve just launched its successor, Viva Engage.

These platforms have the same capabilities as traditional social media, allowing people to post photos, videos, memes or GIFs. Employees can share aspects of their personal lives, interact with their colleagues’ content, join a book club or swap cultural cuisine recipes.

All this creates a culture where people feel they fit in. By giving your people space to be themselves, you’re improving their sense of belonging. This is especially important in the post-pandemic world, where so many of us are still working remotely and the development of professional relationships needs a helping hand.

Improve your reward communication through social media

It’s very likely that your organisation already uses some form of social media. So why not use this to promote your share plans, and get people excited about your reward? Speak to your HR or IT team to see what tools are already available, and discuss how you could use these to communicate.

One of the best ways is to ask colleagues who were involved in the last share plan, or used a specific benefit, to tell their own story. Because ultimately, people engage with people. Social media is built on this premise. If Bob in reception’s signed up for the share plan and tells his experience authentically, it’ll reach far more people than your corporate communications.

Eximians will be giving Viva Engage a spin over the next few months. Stay tuned for more tips on how you can use it to reach your people!

What communications channels are you using? If you need advice on the best way to reach your employees with a share plan or reward message, get in touch.

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