#ChallengeTheProcess: Putting our people first

Every organisation has a different way of engaging and connecting with its people – from reward to culture. Our clients often tell us about some of the great rewards they offer their people. Ours are pretty awesome too! Here’s a sneak peak at the Eximia Experience.

If you’re an avid reader of our blogs (and why wouldn’t you be?) you may have noticed that here at Eximia, we’re really big on reward. We want organisations to get the best out of their people; and for their people to make the most of the benefits available to them. Communicating reward well improves workplace culture and individuals’ wellbeing, boosting retention and productivity. So it’s a win-win for the business.

It’s also a win for the organisation’s customers and suppliers, the families of employees, and ultimately the communities in which they live. A good reward strategy creates a ripple effect. Communicating it well enhances that, as people feel more informed about what’s available to them and empowered, trusting the transparency good communications brings.

It’s this passion for effective reward that brings Eximians to work every day, to help our clients and their people.

But we’d be hypocrites if we didn’t turn that passion towards ourselves, too!

Getting the most out of your team: Eximia style

Team Eximia has grown over the past year. We’ve brought in experts who care about reward, and with the right mix of skills, to help our clients build a bridge between the rewards they offer and their people.

We have flexible working, which includes where we work, so we are location agnostic. While our offices are in London, our colleagues work where it’s best for them. We’ve got employees in Norfolk, Leeds, and even Edinburgh! We’ve created a good team dynamic, but there’s nothing like meeting up in person – so last week we got together for a couple of days. We also invited our regular freelancers as honorary Eximians for a day.

We got the chance to plan together, brainstorming ideas and sharing updates on projects. As our reward specialist Sandor says, “bringing the team together is great for bonding, improving belonging at work and wellbeing inside and outside of work. It has the added benefit that we can share our challenges and opportunities, and as we share and bounce ideas off each other we can see the value of our productivity.”

Giving people the space to do their best, whether it’s keeping their head down for a big report or collaborating on a major project, is the absolute basic. But to really improve productivity, it’s important to remember that the employer-employee relationship is like any other, and for it to thrive there has to be give and take on both sides.

And Eximia is definitely moving things along – the latest improvement is an early Friday finish until September. By ending the working week at 3pm, we’ll be able to enjoy the long summer nights and start the weekend early! It makes us all feel valued and motivated to do the best job we can each and every day.

Looking to the future

Nothing stands still, so other than our commitment to develop our service and brand, we’re now looking to the next stage for the Eximia Team… This means we’re going to:

  • Finalise our Team Strategy, anchoring to our values and mission, over the next three years
  • Re-evaluate our reward offering to make sure it’s fit for the hybrid team that we are
  • Look to see how we can incorporate our passion for share plans and employee ownership for ourselves
  • Put learning and development on the map so it forms part of monthly activity
  • Enhance our leadership framework
  • Do more listening… we have monthly sessions for ‘reflection’ and time to ‘challenge the process’, but we aim to go further.

We want to grow the team sustainably, with wellbeing and colleague experience at the centre. To achieve this, we’ll need to remain agile, and continue to act on our mantra to #ChallengeTheProcess. We’ll keep looking for ways to develop, and be happy to improve on ‘perfection’ whenever we think we’ve found it.

Together, we’ll make magic happen. We have the ideas, so time for action! We’ll let you know how we get on – so stay tuned…


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