Communicating share plans with offline employees: our top tips

Imagine finding out that you missed an awesome party because you didn’t get your invite. How disappointed would you be?

It’s the same when you’re inviting people to join your share plan. Not everyone works behind a desk – and you don’t want your colleagues on the shop floor, in your factory or out in the field to miss out!

So what communication methods can you use to engage your offline people when you launch your share plan?

Here are our top tips…

1. Print isn’t dead

We’re travelling towards the paperless office, but for roles that aren’t computer-based, print is still indispensable. But paper doesn’t have to be stale.

  • Create eye-catching posters and display them in high-traffic areas. Try locker rooms, canteens and the back of toilet doors.
  • Work with your internal communications team to see if you can piggy back on any printed material they release, like newsletters or magazines.
  • Think about what you’re creating for your online people. There’ll be things for you to repurpose for your offline colleagues: your emails can become letters; and the information on your microsite could be compiled into a flyer or booklet.

2. There’s still room for digital

They may not be regularly sitting at computers, but they’re not completely off-grid! Find where there are digital interactions and meet them there. For example, how long do they spend in common or breakout rooms? Pop in a few screens! Put your video explainers on a loop, and your people can watch them during their breaks or briefings.

3. Go personal

They may not have a work computer, but they’ll almost certainly have a personal computer – and definitely a mobile phone. If your employees want to stay up to date with what’s happening, ask if they’d like to opt-in to receiving text messages or emails to their personal addresses. This can be a quick and easy way to distribute your share plan messages, like enrollment reminders for instance.

4. Bring it together

For a seamless employee journey, bring together your print and digital communications, and invite your people to use their personal devices. Add some augmented reality to your workplace poster, or put a QR code in your flyer. It reduces the amount of paper you need, you can repurpose what you’ve created for your online colleagues, and you can be sure that the information hub they’re sent to is always up to date.

5. Keep it brief

People respond best to people. So use your team leaders and shift managers. Give them the tools they need to champion your share plan. But keep it simple! Not everyone is a natural communicator, and not everyone knows the ins and outs of share plans. Don’t overcomplicate your message, and include a very clear call to action. Make their life as easy as possible.

6. Get creative

Finally, be creative! What would offline employees not expect? Could you…

  • Have temporary stickers in your the warehouse, laboratory or factory flooring?
  • Print your message on disposable coffee cups. Include an easy-to-remember URL to find out more or enrol
  • Print liners to go on your canteen trays. Think about encouraging offline employees to take the liner away and use the information to sign up to your share plan when they’re at home.

We hope our ideas for engaging offline employees with your share plan launch have sparked some of your own. Need a bit more inspiration? Check our some of our other blogs.

If you want help creating a communications strategy that bridges the gap between your share plan and your people, reach out to us!

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