Corporate brand vs themed communications

When considering your employee communications, choosing between corporate branding or themes becomes pivotal in fostering engagement, boosting motivation and encouraging a sense of belonging.

Corporate branding is the visual framework that ensures consistency in how the company is represented both internally and externally. Whether it’s a large campaign or a one-off piece of communication, it creates a cohesive identity that all stakeholders can recognise and align with, fostering a sense of unity and purpose. Elements like logos, colours, and visuals like imagery, illustration and icons maintain a professional, clean and consistent look across all your communications.

But in the realm of employee engagement, theming can play a significant role in making communications more relatable and memorable for your employees. For instance, with a global share plan campaign, creating a theme that relates to the subject of share plans, but also links with the company’s brand can transform your communications into something creative, fun and engaging.

Here’s an example of a poster we created with a theme based on a comedic route around finding money at the end of a rainbow. This was a simple but effective way to brighten up a Sharesave campaign. 

The challenge 

Ensuring that themed communications complement the company’s branding and messaging without overshadowing it is key. Aligning the elements with the core values and mission of the company is crucial to maintaining consistency and relevance.

Keep your audience in mind. Strategically integrating theming into employee communications involves understanding the pulse of your workforce. Tailoring themes to resonate with different departments or demographics within the company can foster a stronger sense of community and inclusivity.

Landing with impact

While corporate branding establishes identity and consistency, theming adds depth, emotion, and helps your messages to land with impact. When implemented well, themed communications can be a powerful way to increase employee engagement and creates a blueprint for future campaigns. 

Are you looking to elevate your next reward communications? Let’s collaborate to create an engaging experience and deeper connections with your employees. 

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