Embracing technology is Eximia’s goal for 2023

At Eximia, we want to bring the best possible service for our clients.

It’s why we…

  • have project managers who know our clients’ world, having worked in-house or with large administrators.
  • constantly challenge the process, evaluating how we do things and making improvements.
  • keep a close eye on our industry, making sure we meet emerging needs and stay at the forefront of new trends.

And it’s why this year, our goal is to embrace technology.

Because technology makes our world go round

With the increase in hybrid working, we’ve seen just how important technology is. It helps us stay connected and makes workflows smoother.

We’re a technology-first team, so as new tools continuously emerge we’re keen to maximise the benefits they can bring. We’re building a system to consolidate various tools and increase automation, giving us one streamlined system to cover:

  • Project management
  • Capacity modelling
  • Pricing and billing
  • Customer relationship management
  • HR

Basically, we’re becoming more productive and efficient as a total reward employee communication specialist. And we’ll pass these efficiencies onto our clients. They can already expect a collaborative partnership, but our new system will help us to be even more transparent, giving them access to real-time project management and budget updates.

Because technology and exceptional employee communication go hand in hand

If you’re communicating total reward to your employees, technology and digital communication tools can help you land your messages and encourage action. It increases engagement, and empowers your employees to make the right decisions for them.

Microsites and Intranets

Digital platforms provide the perfect space for employees to self-serve. They get the information they need, when they need it. These platforms are great tools for providing financial education. Our clients benefit from having regular content uploaded to their microsites, covering everything from share plan updates to changes to pension regulations.

And because microsites let you efficiently manage and update content, you also relieve the pressure on other resources, such as your HR team. They’re a single source of truth that you can easily point to, giving your employees independence to access and manage their rewards.

Online voting

In a world where hybrid working is becoming the norm, businesses must embrace technology to drive engagement and inclusivity. Last year, we gave 160,000 share plan participants the opportunity to vote in their organisations’ AGMs and corporate actions. Eligible employees are given the information they need to have their voices heard online. We send out emails on behalf of our clients explaining the voting process, and providing links to their secure voting site.

Interactive tools

Interactive tools, like share plan calculators, can bring your rewards to life. Employees can see information about their specific circumstances and choices. It helps them understand how their contributions could positively impact their future. Helping your people to visualise what their investment could return will enable them to make informed decisions.

If you want to learn more, we wrote about the benefits of using digital platforms. Give it a read.

Because technology isn’t reserved for online employees

Digital solutions can help us creatively connect with offline employees too. Your tools can still reach people on the shop floor, in the factory, or out in the field.

More than 86% of people across the world own a smartphone. As an employer, you can use people’s personal devices to empower those who don’t work with computers. Add QR codes on your brochures and posters to direct offline employees to more information or a place to sign up.

If you’re using social channels such as Workplace, encourage your ‘offliners’ to download the app. Create a specific channel for your rewards and benefits, and use it to share information. Even better, you can use it as a feedback loop to find out what’s important for your people.

Invest in technology today for a brighter tomorrow

Technology and digital tools help to spark growth. For us, that means how we develop our business. But what about you? How are you embracing technology to improve the way you work? It could help you cultivate the relationship between your rewards package and your people. Like us, make ‘embracing technology’ a goal of yours in 2023. Find out how we can help — get in touch.

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