Harness the power of video when communicating your share plans or other reward benefits

7 September 2021

By Chrissie Davis

Did you know that when it comes to internal communications, video animation could be your superpower?

Video is the medium of the moment – as consumers we devour, on average, 100 minutes of video content per day. And according to one survey by marketing strategists Insivia, audiences remember 95% of a message they watch on screen, compared to just 10% when they read it.

These are useful stats to consider when thinking about how best to get your messages across to your colleagues – you should take advantage of its power to communicate.

Video is a popular engagement tool – particularly as it’s great at bringing complex or data-driven information to life in a simple and visual way.

Before our design team work their magic on a video animation brief, first we help the client to define their challenge – what do they want their audience to think, feel and do? Then comes the fun bit – writing an attention-grabbing script, creating a storyboard and finally bringing it all to life with visuals, movement, music and voice overs.

But as we’ve already mentioned, video speaks louder than words – so take a quick 45 second peek at our very own which takes you behind the scenes to the creative process!


Ready to engage with video animation as part of your internal communications? Chat to us.

Chrissie Davis

Founder and Chartered Secretary

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