Has Stress Awareness Day got you thinking about employee financial wellbeing?

This Stress Awareness Day, the impact of the cost-of-living on mental health is likely to be high on the list of conversation topics. How can we support the mental and financial health of colleagues who might really be feeling the squeeze?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer – but you can start by looking at your total reward, and seeing where you can tie in financial education and support. For example:

  • Do you offer an all-employee share plan? Support participants who are feeling anxious about heightened global and stock market uncertainty with timely education.
  • Does your benefits package include finance-friendly options, such as selling annual leave, or flexible working to cut commuting costs? Communicate these so your people know their options.
  • What financial worries and anxieties are keeping your colleagues awake at night? Take a temperature check and tailor your financial wellbeing support and education around your findings.

We’ve covered these topics extensively this year. Here are a few of our recent insights to give you some food for thought:

As experts in communicating share plans, pensions and total reward, we’re always happy to chat to help you engage with colleagues and support their financial wellbeing in the months ahead. Drop us a line.

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