How to demystify your share plan

Joining a share plan can feel daunting for new participants. Help your colleagues feel at ease with these good communication habits to demystify your share plan.

Your share plan Q&A will be one of your main reference points for your participants and colleagues. This will be a valuable resource and should answer everything they need to know.

In addition to this, there are some good communication habits to implement throughout their journey that will make demystifying your share plan even simpler. Let’s take a look!


Offer educational resources to help colleagues understand the benefits and potential drawbacks of participating in the share plan. Include workshops, seminars and in-person consultations to get conversations started. The more information they have, the more they’ll feel empowered.

2Clear communication

Create open communication channels where participants can ask share plan questions and voice concerns. You should be clear about the risks associated with share plans, such as market volatility, stock price fluctuations, and tax implications.

3Real examples

People respond best to people. Use real case studies to help your colleagues resonate with your message and understand how the plan could work for them.


Be clear on how your plan aligns with your company’s values and goals and explain how everyone can benefit from its long-term success.

5Regular updates

Keep participants informed about any changes or updates to the share plan, as well as relevant market trends and regulatory developments.

6Feedback loop

Ask for feedback from participants to identify areas for improvement and address any recurring concerns or issues. This will help you iron out any creases before you roll out your plan to new colleagues or locations.

By taking a proactive and transparent approach to addressing share plan questions, you’ll build trust, confidence, and engagement among participants.

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