Inclusive communications: what languages do your people speak?

Today is International Mother Language Day, created by UNESCO to promote linguistic and cultural diversity. If you want your internal communications to be inclusive, it needs to reflect your employees’ diversity – and celebrate it!

But just how do you make your reward communications inclusive? Here are our top tips to support multilingualism:

Remove jargon
Don’t complicate your message. Use simple, straightforward language that everyone understands. Some parts of your total reward, such as share plans and pensions, have their own terminology, bewildering to colleagues who don’t use as often as we do. Work with your communications consultancy or internal communications team to remove jargon and keep your message accessible.

Be visual
The human brain thinks in images, not words. That’s why it’s essential to include visual prompts – especially if you need to overcome language barriers. Get your message across with videos, animations and infographics that are heavy on images and light on text.

Budget for translation
Offer your communications materials in other languages – especially if your people are spread across the world. Include this line in your budget to maximise the impact of your communications. From Marathi to Chinese, Eximia translated Total Reward communications into 12 different languages last year.

Repetition is the key to memory. Even in our native language, if we only hear something once we might not remember it. It’s even more challenging when it’s in your second or third language. Build multiple touchpoints throughout your Total Reward communications plan to help the message really sink in.

Want your Total Reward communications to support multilingualism? Reach out to us today.

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