How to inspire Gen Z employees to join your share plan

Shout about the benefits and purpose of your share plan and inspire a new generation to take control of their financial wellbeing!

Gen Z are some of the smartest, hard-working, purposeful and outspoken employees of our time. They’re demanding more from their employers: more money, more flexibility, more trust and more meaningful work. Your share plan will take them on a journey to share ownership and reward them for their ongoing efforts and commitment to your business.

1Communicate your share plan’s purpose

The first thing you can do to inspire Gen Z employees is to explain your share plan’s purpose. Let them know why you set it up and how it aligns the interests of your colleagues with the interests of shareholders. Your communications should explain why you want to do the right thing for your colleagues and make a difference to their lives.

2Remind them of its long-term value

One of the biggest draws of joining a share plan is the opportunity to own shares in a company, as well as making a potential gain if you sell the shares you own. Gen Z are entering the workforce at a time when the cost-of-living crisis is at an all-time high, so remind them of the long-term financial benefits and value of being a shareholder and what that could mean for them. Gen Z typically spend less time in roles than millennials, but your share plan could help you retain talent.

3Make financial literacy a priority

Your communications around your share plan launch should include financial literacy and awareness. Younger employees may have limited knowledge of share ownership and investing, so focus on creating educational content to get them up to speed. This should be an ongoing initiative where you share resources and information in bite-sized amounts. It’s a great opportunity to reinforce your purpose message, while empowering them to make right the decision for their financial future.

4Focus on workplace culture

A strong workplace culture is an integral part of a successful business. Employers have a responsibility to create and sustain this environment, fostering a culture where employees feel safe, supported and included. As a result, your employees will feel a sense of pride, ownership and belonging. As well as reiterating your company culture through your internal communication channels, demonstrate how your organisation is driving change. Gen Z care about actions not words, so organisations who live by their shared beliefs and core values will nudge ahead of the competition, earning greater respect and loyalty from their employees.

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