It’s International Day of Happiness! are you happy right now?

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Many of us will be at work today, so why not take a moment to reflect on your level of happiness in what you do – after all, work constitutes a large part of our lives and defines part of our identity.


“Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.”
Frank Tyger


Everyone in this world is walking their own path and experiencing their own journey, so embrace it and be happy in the ‘now’. Also, remember that not all journeys are easy, but difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Take time today to ask if you can work in a way that increases your happiness and in turn, the happiness of those around you. Perhaps consider:

  • Collaborating rather than isolating yourself
  • Working for a cause and not applause
  • Taking the odd moment to just be rather than just do
  • Exploring your creative side
  • Experimenting – after all, life is one big experiment
  • No fearing failure… let faith dominate
  • Pausing in your pursuit of happiness and just be happy in this moment
  • Thriving rather than just surviving… challenge the process

Happiness is an inside job, work on it as you do your day job.

To help you along your way, I found this superb happiness resource and research findings.


Communicate with happiness this International Day of Happiness!

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