Neurodiversity in the workplace: the role communications must play

Sunday is World Autism Acceptance Day. It’s a day for spreading awareness and increasing acceptance.

Celebrating neurodiversity brings together colleagues who think, learn and process things differently – which ultimately leads to diversity of thought when it comes to new ideas! To make internal messages inclusive, organisations are increasingly creating communications that support neurodiversity – and although there is much more to do, this is an incredibly positive step.

How do you do that? There’s no one size fits all approach, as every organisation – and their employees – is unique. But we’ve put together some pointers to consider when creating communications that are inclusive of all:

Ask: Your people are your biggest asset when it comes to figuring out how best to communicate with them. As our awareness of neurodiversity in the workplace increases, so do your opportunities to gain feedback on what works (and what doesn’t!) for them.

Educate: Awareness is the key to creating a culture of acceptance and understanding. Think about how you can build education into your communications strategy, so that colleagues understand each other’s needs and preferred ways of working.

Articulate: Think about the language you use in your communications. For example, many people living with autism, often say they find ambiguity (and waffle) hard to follow. You’d be surprised at how much of both can end up in both your written and verbal interactions with colleagues.

To find out more about creating communications that are truly inclusive, chat to us today.

And while you’re here, why not check out our recent DEI focus: great ways to create a culture of inclusivity.

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