How to pack a punch with video content

As an employee communications tool, video plays an increasingly important role. In fact, 36% of marketers say the primary goal with video marketing is to increase brand awareness and reach new audiences.

With the right creative and technical knowhow, creating impactful and engaging video content is a powerful tool when it comes to employee communications.

And this (shameless plug) is where we come in – our animators, designers and copywriters are a mix of technical and creative whizzes, who bring our clients’ internal communications to life in moving-picture format every day.

Why not bring your message to life with an animation like this?
Just a few of the many choices you have with video…



Here’s why we think video content is an essential part of modern internal communications, and why you should be using it to engage your colleagues.

1Simplify the complex

In our world, we know there are few things more complicated to explain than share plans – especially when you’re communicating with an audience who may have had very little exposure to a plan before.

One of our clients came to us with an exciting proposition for their employees, but had concerns about how their messaging would land; why they were launching it, how it would work, and what colleagues would need to do to participate.

Early on, we recommended they add a series of videos into their campaign mix. We created teaser videos, carrying messaging that was carefully tailored to create a buzz. Further on into the journey, we created explainer videos showing employees how the share plan worked using clear, animated graphics. It meant we could reduce the written content and explain some of the technical elements (such as how much they might contribute and how their pot might grow), visually.

You’ll be surprised at how much ground you can cover in a one-minute video that may otherwise turn into a lengthy document or web page.

2Humanise your brand

Last year we predicted the big trends in employee communication in 2022. Since the pandemic, there’s been a marked shift in the way we communicate in general with employees. We’ve all become more open and honest and as a result, one of the things we hear time and again from clients is “how can we connect with colleagues in a more human way?”.

You can humanise your recruitment process by adding videos to your onboarding journey, so new recruits get a feel for what it’s like to work with you (and meet some of their colleagues too!). Why not create a hub on your intranet where everyone introduces themselves? Your new employees will be able to put faces to names and get to know their colleagues better.

Adding characters and voiceovers to your animation can humanise your brand too, really bringing your message to life. Video can also be a great way to communicate your company’s mission and values in a digestible, accessible way.

3Reach a global team

As more of us adopt remote and hybrid working, there’s an ongoing challenge for employers to keep their people engaged. If your main communication channels are emails and instant messages, then utilise them as much you can.

Get creative with your video content. You can record your end-of-week updates in a video, or record a demo of a new product or tool for your intranet. Videos are a great way to get information across in seconds and can reach your employees at their desk or on their phones. And keeping everything on brand is easy – add personality through your brand colours, logo and tone of voice.

Do you have employees who are based in other countries? We can translate your message so it’s accessible, making facts and figures specific for their region.

Remember that video is another channel that can add value to your total reward communications. You can simplify complex messaging, humanise your brand, and engage your team all through creative video content.

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