Simple ways to make colleagues smile on Employee Appreciation Day

Friday 3 March is Employee Appreciation Day, and an opportunity to remind your colleagues just how much you value them and recognise all they do.

If you haven’t already lined something up to mark it, it’s never too late to plan!

Here are three great ways you can share the love this Friday, that are super-simple to put in place:

1. Harness the power of words

A few carefully crafted words can go a long way. Create an email or video message to thank them, and highlight some of the great things you’ve achieved together so far this year.

2. Do some team bonding

At Eximia, we get together once a month for a ‘reflections’ session. It’s an opportunity to share good news, reflect on what’s working well, and remind ourselves that we’re on a journey together. There’s lots more to do, but we’ve come a long way. We always come away from it feeling positive and energised!

Set your own session up and ask everyone to come along armed with one good thing to share, and a thank you for those who helped achieve it. It’s a great (and simple) way to give everyone a little mental boost and remind them they’re an important member of your team.

3. Finish up early!

One of the simplest ways to say a big thank you is to let people leave early. Time off is precious – especially in today’s busy world – and is repaid when people feel rested, happier and healthier.

Your rewards and benefits also have an important role to play in showing your employees how much you value them, and boosting their happiness and increasing their productivity. Why not start with this deep dive into how your rewards and benefits can improve wellbeing?

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