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Explore our tax packages, designed to help you educate your employees about their CGT and dividend tax liabilities and how to handle them.

With the share plan annual reporting deadline approaching on 6 July, you may be busy preparing to submit your returns for the 2023/24 tax year.

With tax at the forefront, once your submission is behind you, perhaps it’s the ideal time to stay on topic and think about how you can support your colleagues with their Capital Gains Tax (CGT) returns and future tax planning decisions. The recent reduction in CGT and dividend tax-free allowances may lead to more colleagues being impacted, leaving them feeling confused or unsure about what they should do. Your communication during this period will be crucial to their understanding.

The reduced CGT allowance will impact upcoming maturities. Sharesave plans that launched during the pandemic were at record low option prices, leaving potential for material gains at maturity that exceed these reduced allowances.

At Eximia we care about empowering people to manage their financial futures and we know the missing link is often good communication. Our budget-friendly off-the-shelf tax packages will save you time and internal resource, providing your participants with the information they need. We’ve simplified complex jargon and included a range of digital formats to engage as many of your colleagues as possible.

We have two packages available, plus a bespoke option that can be requested:


This includes:

  • Email journey containing 4 emails, to be sent at key points during the year.
  • Blog series containing 2 blogs, with designed banners and infographics.


This includes the Essentials package, plus:

  • CGT and dividend tax video, explaining the impact on share plan participants.
  • A tax filing how-to guide, outlining the options and a step-by-step process.


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Let’s work together to make tax less taxing!

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