A growing team means even more creativity

Here at Eximia we don’t sit on our laurels – to provide our clients with the best results and impactful outcomes, we need diversity of thought, collaboration and the resource to make sure each project lives up to our name – random fact… Eximia translates from Latin as ‘exceptional’ so we strive for nothing less!

We’d like to introduce to you our three new members:

James – has over eight years of industry experience working across illustration, graphic and motion design. He’s worked for various blue-chip companies and agencies across London, whilst living in the sunny seaside town of Margate, Kent. When he retires, he’d like to become a fisherman or a farmer in the Westcountry, but until then, he’s keen to put his creativity to good use with us.
Mike – has been working within communications in-house for the last ten years, having previously taught Media Studies, Theatre and English to eleven to eighteen years olds. He’s been a comms consultant with the likes of EDF Energy, Yell, Honda Motorcycles, Sharp and BP, so brings to Eximia skills in copywriting, videography, photography and dad jokes.
Felicity – joins us with vast experience in digital design and animation, from 2D to stop-motion and even puppetry. She’s worked for the likes of News Corp, The Guardian and Michelin before joining us here at Eximia. As a keen skater, Felicity’s also just completed a course in UX (user experience), which will help us traverse and develop more intuitive and user-friendly digital experiences.

With so many creative skills to utilise, do you have a current communication challenge which would benefit from them?

If so, reach out to us for an informal chat to walk through the challenge and see where we can help. Sometimes solutions are as simple as a day of copywriting or can be solved by devising a communication campaign across various phases.

phone Call us on 020 7420 1984 or send us a message

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