Access to information in a digital world

The UNESCO General Assembly designated 28 September as International Day for Universal Access to Information in 2015. It was later declared by the UN General Assembly in 2019. Since then, it has been observed annually to promote better access to information globally.

This year’s theme centres on the importance of the online space for access to information. The challenges and opportunities posed by the internet, the significance of accessing information online, and the implications of internet shutdowns and online censorship.

It also promotes the human right to receive information, necessary for making decisions and understanding how we are governed. It made us think about our industry, and how accessible information is to people – online and offline.

Knowing your audience

Whether you’re communicating share plans or employee rewards, it’s crucial to consider who your audience is, where they are, and what access to information they have. Then you need to tailor your communications.

You may have share plan participants who work off-grid and have limited access to the internet, so you would need to think about printed marketing materials, posters or letters to communicate your updates. We wrote about the importance of communicating with offline employees, sharing our top tips when launching a share plan.

Perhaps you’re targeting an older generation who aren’t confident using emails, apps and websites to obtain information about their rewards – in that case, you’d need to consider offline communications too.

Digital solutions on the rise

It’s important to understand how the evolving digital space keeps us all connected, both in our professional and personal lives. Technology is there to make our lives easier and processes more efficient. When it comes to a complex financial topic like share plans, there are multiple ways employers can optimise digital platforms to communicate with employees. Microsites, interactive calculators and e-learning modules are just a few ways you can connect with your participants, empowering them to self-serve for information.

Using intranets and online voting platforms can help you communicate employee rewards and gather the data that you need. There are countless benefits: you can reach remote employees, encourage autonomy, personalise messaging and improve your communication efficiencies. You’ll also save time and HR resource as your digital solution is where your employees go to for answers first.

The takeaway

We all have the right to access the information we need. While it’s clear that businesses need to adopt new technologies and adapt to change, offline employees shouldn’t be forgotten. Conducting an internal audit is a great place to start if you want to assess your current communication methods and gain feedback from your colleagues. This will help you align your overall communication strategy and highlight any areas for improvement.

We can help you create engaging communications for your online and offline employees. Get in touch for an informal chat.

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