All set for this year’s open enrolment period?

Your open enrolment window may be just around the corner, but there’s still time to boost your communication efforts with our top tips.

Reward and HR managers, we have a hunch that one of your busiest times of the year is fast approaching. Many companies will be asking their people to review their benefits packages from October to December.

You probably don’t need us to tell you that this key period in the employee reward calendar holds more weight than ever right now. With the cost-of-living crisis in full effect, colleagues will be keen to know how the benefits you offer them can help make the squeeze feel that little bit less painful.

Perhaps you want to use this time to remind colleagues about the private healthcare options open to them, their options when it comes to pension planning, or any finance-related initiatives you have in place such as a holiday entitlement ‘buy and sell’ scheme.

But with so much competition for your people’s attention, your open enrolment communications need to stand out. We’re all used to digesting multiple communications at speed: glancing at news headlines whilst we check our emails. And our brains have adapted to this. We are mastering the art of skim reading, but that means communications – including from our employer! – needs to adapt to that.

Here are some simple communications tips to help your messages land with maximum impact.

Tip 1: Enrolment information should be easy to navigate

Plenty of research has confirmed that we tend to read in an ‘F’ shape online. We’ll read the first line or two, and then skim read down the page, taking in subheadings and any lines that begin with a few words that pique our interest.

So to make sure your colleagues read the bits that are important, make sure your blog, article or email includes:

  • A killer introduction to your subject
  • Engaging headings and subheadings
  • Short paragraphs that get to the point
  • Key information listed in bullet form (you’re reading this, right?)
  • Clear calls to action.

Tip 2: Apply the ‘pyramid’ structure

Not as mathematical or historical as it sounds! People are time-poor and may only read the headline and opening paragraph. But they won’t read beyond that unless they think think it’s valuable. So how do you keep their attention?

Reel them in and start with your most ‘newsworthy’ information. Add context and flesh it out steadily with details. Leave any supporting information – usually the less interesting bits – until the very end. Using this method for your enrolment communications will ensure your messaging is strong and consistent.

Tip 3: Be concise

If you have a lot of information to get across, don’t try and cram it all into one document or on one web page. If it looks like a half hour read, people aren’t likely to make time for it. Instead, signpost any heavily detailed, legal or technical aspects of your messaging elsewhere so you can focus on your key messages in less time. Your employees can choose whether they want to read the T&Cs to your medical cover or find out more about selling leave.

Use this data to see what people are most interested in finding out more about. It could even give you ideas for next year’s benefits…

Tip 4: Make it personal

Simply including someone’s name in the email subject line can significantly boost your open rate. Try using diverse images and personas in your communications to make people feel included. These small actions show your employees that they are valued and strengthens your workplace culture.

You can also take it further: you can talk to people at different stages on their benefits journey. You can split your people according to the benefits they already have, or the benefits that would be most beneficial to them based on their family status (for example, ‘Add your partner and children in your healthcare!’), or income group (for example ‘You won’t pay taxes on your dental plan’).

Segmentation allows you to tailor your message. Think about how your existing employee data and feedback can help you create the right messages, for the right people.

Tip 5: We can help you bring your open enrolment communications to life!

Your open enrolment window may be just around the corner, but there’s still time to breathe new life into your communications. We can apply our Eximia magic to your current messaging to help your colleagues really make the most of what’s on the table. So by the time your window opens, you’re ready to communicate with clarity, consistency and clout.

Short of time? Get in touch to see how we can help you save time and resource.

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