Challenge the Process during Stress Awareness Month

April has been Stress Awareness Month since 1992. It increases our awareness about the causes – and cures – of our modern stress epidemic.

This Stress Awareness Month, we’re asking you to Challenge the Process and focus your internal communications on financial resilience, helping reduce stress levels at all levels of your organisation. Here are our top tips for improving your people’s financial resilience:

1. Help colleagues value their compensation package

Your full compensation package has many different elements, both financial – base pay, bonus, share plans, pensions – and non-financial, such as flexible working and enhanced annual leave. Communicate these benefits clearly so your people can understand their package’s total value, and the significant impact this has on their financial wellbeing.

2. Encourage active participation in pensions

Many people don’t engage with pensions. Pensions are technical, with lots of jargon, and leave many of us feeling confused. Communicate to help your people appreciate the importance of saving for their retirement, allowing them to make informed decisions now.

3. Provide financial education opportunities

Educate your people on all areas of finance and money, from managing debt to investing, and you’ll empower them to make decisions that are right for them. Create content that will engage everyone, from blogs and videos to workshops and online learning.

4. Offer access to a financial advisor

Equipping your people with the support they need to make financial decisions is the best gift you can give right now. You may not be able to provide financial advice, but you can provide access to a reputable financial advisor – whether you provide it as part of your package, or signpost to it for those who are interested.


Employers can have a positive impact on financial wellbeing and stress. And the benefits of providing this support go both ways! Improving your people’s wellbeing can increase their job satisfaction and engagement, increasing productivity and retention.

If Stress Awareness Month has got you thinking about how you can help employees reduce their stress levels, then focus on total reward communications. We create communications that engage, educate and empower your people. Get in touch for a chat.

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