#ChallengeTheProcess: 10 lessons from 10 years

Eximia is 10

My business turned 10 over the weekend (yes, I started young). Reaching this milestone compelled me to sit and reflect on what this journey has taught me so far…

  1. Surround yourself with positivity – people often say “I have good energy” and I think this is because I surround myself with great people who inspire and support me. It goes without saying, the Eximia team are awesome, and do just that!
  2. Not everyone will continue the journey – some pass through and teach you valuable lessons.
  3. Perfect is imperfect – Eximia translates from Latin as ‘exceptional’, and it’s good to aspire to deliver exceptional results. But perfectionism can stifle you and waste time: perfect results are often subjective.
  4. Creativity can be developed – I’m definitely logically-minded, but being surrounded by creatives for the past 10 years, I have certainly become far more creative myself. Creativity is the skill to have, so try it for yourself… experiment, take risks, break the rules and have fun!
  5. You’ll never know enough – learn, learn and learn more… be curious, self-motivated and open-minded to lessons from others.
  6. Lead with your values – uncertainty is a given and the right answer isn’t always clear… so tune into your values and be guided by your principles. Trust what your intuition tells you, and hone your self-awareness.
  7. Build resilience – no journey is linear. You’ll need some grit and determination sometimes. Flex and be agile… but don’t despair! The toughest moments build up your resilience. Learning which things you should move on from is key: ‘no’ is just as important as ‘yes’.
  8. Passion is energy – with a clear purpose, follow your passion. Your passion is the fuel that drives you to fulfil your purpose.
  9. Be accountable to you – don’t chase outcomes at the detriment of your health and wellbeing… know when to push the stop button. A healthy mind and body, and strong relationships, are the greatest gift: without them you have nothing.
  10. Communication is fundamental – I can’t post about my 10 years in communication without saying how important it is! Do it well, and you can influence and effect positive change – even with yourself… our internal narrative is just as important as what we say aloud.


“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow”

I love this quote, and it encapsulates all my lessons from the last 10 years.


Have a great day, and enjoy the journey!


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