Communication Matters at Eximia

Communication matters to us. It drives us. And we use it to help our clients create unity among all stakeholders by helping them tell their story in ways that connect people to company purpose, values and strategy.

For our next quarter, we want to support a charity that puts communication at the heart of everything they do and challenge the process when it comes to supporting their community.


Drum roll, please

We asked you and our LinkedIn followers to vote for the communications charity they’d like us to support. The results were:

Communication Matters – 43%
I Can – 43%
The Sequal Trust – 14%

As you can see, there’s a draw. So, we did what everyone does in this situation; we used the very scientific method of putting the two charity names into a hat. James, one of our new team members drew the winner – Communication Matters.


Challenging the process

EXIMIA constantly looks to challenge the process, making sure we are at the forefront of our industry. We understand that what worked yesterday may not be appropriate for tomorrow. As a result, we deliver stronger and more considered communications to support our clients in achieving their objectives.

The same can be said for Communication Matters. We very quickly added the charity to our shortlist because we were so impressed with how they challenge the process too.

Communication Matters believe that everyone has a right to a voice. So much so that they carry out their own research “to increase our understanding of a topic or problem. Research can establish facts, solve problems or develop new theories.”

The charity works independently or collaborates with others to understand how Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) can help the Government, the NHS, and local authorities better understand what services are needed. Research evidence can help practitioners to improve services and support for AAC users to communicate.

AAC is a range of strategies and tools to help people who struggle with speech. These may be a simple letter or picture boards or sophisticated computer-based systems. AAC supports someone to communicate as effectively as possible in as many situations as possible.

Pretty clever, right?

Emily Campbell, Communication Matters’ charity manager says, “We were delighted to discover EXIMIA’s LinkedIn followers chose to support our charity. We were up against two other very worthy causes.

Communication Matters support people of all ages who find it hard to communicate because they have little or no clear speech and may use other ways of communicating (AAC). We’re an information sharing service. We also run events and publish research. We understand the power of engaging with our stakeholders and often consult our AAC user focus groups. We use their feedback to shape how we evolve as a charity and how we can make things more accessible for disabled people. Thank you for supporting us, to support them!”

If you’d like to join us in donating or fundraising for Communication Matters, you can do that here.

Be sure to challenge the process when looking at your next project or task!

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