Employers need to support and instil trust in times of uncertainty

17 March 2020

By Chrissie Davis


When 2020 kicked off, who would have said the world would be in lockdown by March!

But here we are and with the latest guidance, we’re now all wondering how long we’ll need to work from home and curb non-essential activities (coined ‘social distancing’) – will it be weeks or even months for many of us?

Whatever your opinion about the course of action we should be taking, communication is key – employers committing to regular and honest communication can help bring reassurance, clarity and help productivity when businesses are going to be hit hard.


Consider communicating about business impact, wellbeing and productivity. Things like:

  1. Tips on how to work effectively from home
  2. A steer on how best to communicate and support one another – fostering team spirit 
  3. Guides on how to get the best out of IT/tech tools available 
  4. How to balance physical and mental wellbeing in times of isolation   
  5. Resource with advice on how to best look after yourself, family and friends


When things are uncertain, communication from employers is so important, without it, people fill the gaps themselves with inaccurate information from other sources. This will invariably negatively impact wellbeing, productivity, and levels of trust. 

Stay safe and be sure to show compassion and consideration to others – you may consider yourself low risk, but you can still pass it on to others who aren’t so fortunate – those who are parents, grandparents and friends. Their loss would be felt by many, so don’t just see them as a mere stat who would likely suffer the same fate from winter flu anyway!


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Chrissie Davis

Founder and Chartered Secretary

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