Giving SMEs food for thought – Communication campaigns that cost hundreds, not thousands

With the weather taking a turn for the better, Team Eximia recently heard this year’s first ice cream van chimes.

It immediately conjured up childhood memories of 99s, raspberry sauce and sprinkles – as well as asking ourselves: “Do we have enough pocket money to buy one?”

Small and medium-sized businesses often ask themselves similar questions when thinking about internal campaigns to drive employee engagement and uptake in incentives such as share plans. ‘Do we have a budget for this? Creative agencies will charge a fortune, won’t they?’

Well, at Eximia, we pride ourselves on serving up content and strategies that’s best fit for the client – and here’s the inside scoop – we can make a difference with just hundreds, and not thousands of pounds.

Whipping up cost-effective campaigns

Communication strategies typically consist of multiple phases:

  • Fact find and discovery
  • Concept content and visuals
  • Develop assets
  • Deliver and measure
  • … and back around to refine

This is our preferred approach, but for some businesses, it could be a little too much to digest in one go.

Our answer to this is… don’t!

Yes, it’s best to tackle employee engagement in a strategic way, laying the foundations with research and understanding your colleagues’ needs – but we always have projects competing for our time, energy and budget.

At Eximia, we like to be commercial about it, and we know bite-sized efforts can still lead to incremental improvements, getting us one step closer to our mission – to inform, empower and inspire conversations.

We can simply focus on just one element – like tackling a launch email – we can ditch the jargon and simplify the complex, which is a great start in delivering an awesome employee experience.

Let’s take this email as an example…


So, before you bite off more than you can chew, contact Eximia and find out how we can help you turn your vanilla plan into the cream of the crop.

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