How to communicate family-friendly benefits

A supportive work environment can make all the difference for working and expectant parents. When it comes to communicating your benefits and policies, they need to be clear, accessible and inclusive.

If you offer family-friendly benefits, then your employees need to know about them. New and expectant parents, parents returning from leave, or employees considering their options for starting a family all need the right information available to them.

Improving your communications around family-friendly benefits means being inclusive and intentional. Not only will you be changing the narrative, but you’ll also be helping to retain valued employees and close the gender pay gap.

Shout about your benefits

Communicating your family-friendly benefits is a continuous effort. Utilise your internal communication channels, intranet and emails to better connect with your colleagues. Share your latest updates, news and events to build excitement about your benefits, and remind people that you’re on the journey with them. Be mindful of employee confidentiality and consider giving different options for event sign ups, so they don’t have to disclose personal details upfront.

Remove barriers

If your content isn’t well sign-posted, is buried deep on your intranet, or contains too much jargon, your colleagues will struggle to find the information they need. By making information accessible and easy to understand, your colleagues will be able to self-serve for information and feel confident to make decisions when the time is right for them. Remember to consider cultural and language barriers – where possible provide translations if you have colleagues who would benefit from this.

Be clear on policies

Don’t leave any grey areas in your people policies. Whether you have policies on pregnancy loss, IVF or adoption leave, they should all be accessible, informative and use inclusive language. Ask yourself if they are inclusive towards the LGBTQ+ community, single parents or disabled colleagues. Your policies should be fair and flexible too as things can change, so schedule regular reviews to make sure they’re fit-for-purpose and available on the right platforms.

Create safe spaces

Set up groups or forums for working parents and families to make new connections. If your company is big, people won’t be well-acquainted with each other. You could set up a group for single dads, grandparents or adoptive parents who may otherwise feel excluded. If you’re unsure of what your colleagues want and need, ask for feedback before you roll out a new initiative. By talking to your employees, you’ll find out what their priorities are, and whether they would appreciate the extra focus on family and childcare.

Prioritise financial education for parents

For new and expectant parents in particular, finances can be a new concern. If you have financial resources available on your internal platforms or offer a share plan, let them know. While they may already be seeking external support or advice on things like savings or childcare, having extra support and opportunities through work could be helpful. Make sure managers are open to discussions and genuinely want to empower their colleagues – ensuring promotions and pay rises are inclusive.

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