How to launch and operate international share plans Pinsent Masons event

The Share Plans team at Pinsent Masons, the global law firm, held another of their informative seminars recently on how to launch and operate international share plans, being joined by our founder, Chrissie Davis.

With the world in flux following the pandemic, financial wellbeing and inclusivity are firmly in the spotlight for many, so launching or extending a share plan is proving to be a popular way of addressing these.

The team covered the reasons for having a global share plan in place and the benefits of share ownership to help you develop a case to obtain buy-in. From there, they also covered:

  • the key steps to launch
  • the ideal stakeholder project team
  • top tips for a project plan and project management
  • the changing landscape and key legal considerations
  • ongoing operations

Emphasis was placed on significant input being needed from various departments across the business and having key contacts in each country. It was helpful to know that the team at Pinsents offers project management services, not only overseeing the due diligence but also the entire project – this certainly helps connect the variety of disciplines seamlessly if you don’t have a dedicated project manager in-house.

Chrissie went on to give some top tips when communicating share plans internationally:

  1. Give creativity space and time… engage with your creatives early
  2. Be both strategic and tactical

Followed by a further raft of tips across the four aspects of an employee communication campaign – planning, crafting, creative and delivery.

Want to hear all of this in full with all the tips and considerations in detail?

Watch it now in full.

This recording of the session may well save you hours or even days if you’re thinking of launching or extending an international share plan.

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