Reflecting on and celebrating success

We’re waving goodbye to 2021, and whilst it’s been a funny and challenging year, it’s also been a phenomenal year at Eximia! We wanted to share a few of our achievements with you.

We’ve grown the team, including welcoming a Team and Operations Manager to help us live our mantra to #ChallengeTheProcess. We’ve continued to support our clients, both new and existing, in their quest to deliver compelling communications. And we’ve successfully delivered training sessions to help organisations become power communicators, sharing the passion and skills we have.

Join us now as a few members of our team talk about some of their professional ‘air punch’ moments of 2021.


James, Creative Animator and Graphic Designer

For starters, joining the Eximia team this year! Creating some great animation and videos for a variety of clients, developing my 3D skills, owning the review and refresh of the Eximia brand (work in progress, so watch this space!), and learning about share plans of course!

Becky, Project and Relationship Manager, Chartered secretary

There are a couple of main overarching things that spring to mind – I’ve built on my creative knowledge, which helps me join the dots with my share plans and governance expertise. I’ve also trained creatives to understand more about share plans.

Martha, Strategic Communications Manager

I love ticking things off my to-do list, and this year I’ve had the chance to tick a lot off – including becoming Strategic Communications Manager! As the newest member of the Eximia team, I’m really looking forward to delivering some compelling outcomes for Eximia and our clients next year. Already, I’m learning so much about share plans and reward!

Darren, Web Developer

I’m proud to have taken the lead on a product/service offering relating to employees holding company shares via share plans getting a voice – giving them the ability to vote at general meetings. I’ve refined processes, brought in new features and provided documentation guides to help our key stakeholders.

Chrissie, Managing Director

Can I say key a success is getting to the end of this year smiling? I think given how the year started, it’s valid! Beyond this, I’d focus on growing the team, so I’m surrounded by amazing and creative people, as well as re-defining our strategy for the next few years and helping deliver projects in fast-evolving areas such as wellbeing and DEI.

Recognition is a priority of ours. We love to celebrate a job well done, and it’s a sure-fire way to keep our team engaged. Celebrations boost morale, strengthen teams, help employees form connections and increase employee engagement.


Here are our top three ways to celebrate colleagues

1. Praise the small things

Look for the little acts of kindness. Does someone always wash the mugs? Take the post to the post room without fail? Is there someone in your team who will always stop what they’re doing to help a colleague in need? Whilst these small things might not seem critical to your team’s performance, they help your employees to get a job done. Just say thanks.

2. Recognise reliability

Is there someone who is always relied upon for complicated or unexpected tasks? Often these team members are overlooked because reliability rarely jumps up and down demanding attention. Show them some appreciation today.

3. Show gratitude

There are two little words that can have a big effect on morale. Saying “thank you” is one of the easiest ways to maintain a positive work environment. Find ways to show gratitude – we find cake is always a good place to start!


We hope you get the chance to celebrate your achievements and those of your colleagues to close off this year and look forward to what 2022 will bring.

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