#ChallengeTheProcess: Share plan case studies

Share plan case studies are a great way to add a personal touch to your communications. By asking your existing participants for feedback, you can help your colleagues new to share plans overcome common barriers.

Have you noticed how often we’re asked for feedback in our day-to-day lives? Whether we’re shopping online or using a service, positive customer feedback is like gold. How many stars would we rate it? How likely are we to recommend to others? The list is endless.

I’d like to think that’s because manufacturers genuinely care about what I think of their product – but I don’t think they’ll read what I have to say, or make any improvements based on my feedback.

Here’s the thing – my feedback isn’t aimed at the seller or manufacturer. It’s aimed at other buyers. I give my top marks and say it’s worth the money, and the business can say “Martha in London gives this five stars and would recommend.”

It’s a fabulous bit of marketing that recognises we trust each other, much more than we trust faceless corporations. Even better, it’s something we can easily incorporate it into our share plan communications. Although, of course, in a much less salesy way!

The bigger picture

If your share plan has run for a while, you can ask people who’ve been involved to tell their story and share the benefits of being in it. Let people share their stories – it humanises your share plan and the ongoing journey you’re all on. This shouldn’t just focus on the gain they’ve made, since there’s never a guarantee this will happen. Instead, encourage colleagues to consider things such as:

  • How it’s helped them start a good savings habit
  • How it’s improved their financial awareness and resilience
  • What opportunities they’ve had, such as voting on key company decisions at general meetings
  • Why it’s given them a sense of belonging and pride, knowing they own a part of the organisation.

If this feels like a daunting task – it doesn’t need to be! At Eximia, we can support you and your colleagues to curate the perfect share plan case studies. Bring it to life through written reviews or professional videos, helping spread the positive ways your share plan impacts people’s lives.

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