Talk money week: do one thing

Each year, MaPS Talk Money Week campaign encourages us to talk about all things money with our friends, family, colleagues and young people.

This week is the perfect opportunity to share the value of your total reward offering, and get people involved in the conversation. By starting a new initiative to get people talking and sharing their own experiences, or simply asking questions, you’ll be contributing to the many UK businesses who will be getting involved with Talk Money Week. And it starts with doing one thing…



Next week, join us over on LinkedIn to see our daily dose of talk money content. In the meantime, here are some quick ideas for your business.

What can I do to support TMW?

Run a drop-in session

Use this week to encourage people to participate in your share plan. Run a session or fair on everything they need to know, how and when to join, what the benefits and risks are etc. If you communicate your share plans effectively, then they’re easy for employees to join. One session might not be enough, but this could be the start of regular touchpoints in the year.

Host a webinar

Why not host a webinar and invite a special guest to discuss a particular topic. Perhaps they could debunk common pension myths, or explain the benefits of joining an all-employee share plan like yours? This is an easy way to involve all your colleagues (from the comfort of their own homes or workspace), without any pressure to identify themselves or attend an in-person event.

Sign-post to financial advisors

Knowledge helps us to make informed decisions, so it makes sense to invest in financial education. If your employees need further support and guidance outside of work, encourage them speak to a professional financial advisor. You could invite external providers who deliver workplace-based support such as financial education or advice.

Use MAPs toolkit

MAPs have provided some useful comms to help you share your Talk Money Week activities. So, get posting on social media, your employee networks and internal newsletters. It’s easy to get involved! Remember to use the hashtags #TalkMoney #DoOneThing

How can I keep the conversation going after?

These important conversations have no expiry date. We should be encouraging healthy money habits and open dialogue regularly, and building financial wellbeing into your regular communications plan is great way to do this. It’s a good idea to check in with your colleagues throughout the year to get a sense of what support or events they may benefit from and go from there.

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