Communicating a new share plan

Europe’s largest supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul products and services. A large private company, spanning over 650 locations across 23 countries, with over 8,000 employees and a turnover in excess of €2.2 billion.

Eximia was chosen to help with the communications campaign to launch Rubix’s first all-employee share plan as a result of its in-house share plan expertise and creative abilities.


We were brought in to help roll out a communication campaign, supporting the UK team who had not experienced a project of this nature before.

We provided full share plan consultancy, campaign planning and management, whilst also forming part of the steering group, creating campaign narrative and content.


The design team were closely linked to the consultancy element of the project so were able to create concepts and develop the chosen path easily and efficiently.

Assets were produced in 10 languages. These included materials to support local MDs and HR, a website to act as the main resource hub, alongside various other digital and print items.


Assisting campaign delivery – creating a database to collect missing email addresses, email sends, responses to employee queries, and creating solutions to administrative hurdles as they arose.

All digital assets had analytics so we could
monitor engagement throughout the campaign.


Rubix decided to offer its employees a one-off opportunity to purchase shares in the business over a two week period. There were various challenges; from a relatively compact project lead time, a large stakeholder group, no complete solution from an administration perspective, various legal hurdles to factor into the communication process, language and country varions, and not to mention the communication campaign having to start when the plan features hadn’t been finalised.

The process

Given our share plan expertise and the way our design team appreciate the intricacies of share plan communication, we were able to hit the ground running, offering share plan expertise during the period the share plan design was being finalised. We worked closely with the Communications and HR teams to help them navigate their way through, supporting all messaging, technical and legal details, translations and design of assets. As various obstacles rose, we were able to offer efficient solutions to overcome them – from letters being sent to employees without an email asking them to complete our online form so our database could capture their details, to reducing the legal tone in the main legal terms, hosting legal and tax documents, to supporting the administrator with various aspects of the joining process.

We were initially looking for a creative agency to help us with our share plan campaign, and as part of our search we stumbled across Eximia. They stood out to us as the obvious choice as they had all the capabilities of a creative agency, but with a specialism in share plans and governance. Their commercial approach meant they were both proactive and flexible as we finalised key details of our plan as communications had to start going out due to our strict timescales. Eximia struck a perfect balance, providing enough detail in the communications, building up the detail as we progressed, so our employees were well-informed at all stages. They truly went above and beyond, providing quick solutions as challenges arose.

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