Creativity is a way of life

This National Creativity Day, we’ve put the spotlight on our very own Eximia team. Find out what shared hobbies, interests and passion projects keep our creative juices flowing!

National Creativity Day celebrates the artists, makers and creatives among us. As a creative communications consultancy, we live and breathe creativity – and that extends into our personal lives too. We’re talented cooks, budding musicians, art lovers and much more.

Get to know us…

Martha, Strategic Communications Lead

“Danish writing wizard Hans Christian Andersen said, ‘when words fail, music speaks.’ As a writer and a musician, I have this quote on my fridge. I work with words all day long, so when I close my laptop for the day, I like to unwind. I’ll sit at my piano or get out my guitar – or sing at the top of my lungs (I’m sure my neighbours love me!). Music renews my creativity and resets me for the next day’s words.”

Andrew, Motion Designer

“I feel very fortunate to live in London with access to so many exhibitions and galleries – big and small – on my doorstep. I love finding art that resonates with me. Something that polarises in either direction, the expression of someone’s journey to reflect on, and sources of inspiration for my own craft. Whether its digital art or sculpture, renaissance paintings or murals on the sides of buildings, I can’t imagine not wanting to curiously explore these.”

Sherelle, Content and Marketing Manager

“Growing up in a vibrant Caribbean household, cooking and music were intrinsically linked. Sunday dinners, birthday parties and family BBQs were accompanied by a silky reggae soundtrack and my aunties singing in unison. I didn’t know it then, but those two things would become a huge part of my adult existence and identity. These days I spend most of my free time at live music gigs in London, recording in the studio, or buried in my Spotify playlists – and nothing makes me happier than cooking delicious food for friends and family.”

Did you know?

Repetitive creative activity releases dopamine, also known as the ‘happy hormone’.

Darren, Web Developer

“Painting allows me to relax, and I enjoy the challenge of creating a photorealistic image with oil paint on canvas – it reminds me of what first inspired me to build websites. The processes are similar; painting delicate lines with an eye for detail to ensure I get a perfect result and bringing lines of code together to form a well-designed website. I like being able to use my transferrable skills.”

Charlotte, Creative Artworker

“I really enjoy reading, it’s a way of escapism for me. I’m currently reading Idol by Louise O’Neill. I’m lucky to have met some of my favourite authors including Samantha Shannon, Neil Gaiman, Jennifer Saint and Olivie Blake. I love collecting signed and special edition books, too! I enjoy all genres, but my favourites are fantasy, contemporary fiction, mythology and historical fiction. I read up to 40 books each year.”

Martin, Strategic Manager and Share Plan Consultant

“Vinyl is a perfect marriage of creativity and sensory experience. I’m inspired by the music, poetic lyrics and iconic artwork, and taken back in time by the smells, sounds and feelings it evokes. Call me nostalgic, but vinyl has a rich sound that can’t be matched by digital formats. I owe it to the artists to hear their music at its best, ensuring their legacy lives on outside the boundaries of the internet. Most of all I love the theatre of vinyl, and the role it has as an antidote to the fast pace of modern life. It feeds my desire to slow down.”

How do you express your creativity? Finding a creative outlet can do amazing things for our mental health and wellbeing. It can give us renewed energy, reduces stress and anxiety, and brings communities together.

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