Four reasons to outsource your reward communications (to us)

It’s a bold headline, but then bold is one of our values. Let us re-invent your reward communications this year…

Are you gearing up to launch a share plan? Trying to pique interest around pensions? Getting ready to promote your refreshed reward package? If you haven’t considered outsourcing your reward communications, now is the perfect time to stick around while we give you four reasons to do exactly that.

Communicating these things is rarely straightforward. Share plans can be complex. Pensions are, let’s face it, a dull topic. Employee benefits can involve copious amounts of detail that’s difficult to summarise. And that’s before you’ve even started on the creative messaging that’s going to grab people’s attention and encourage them to take action!

It’s our mission to simplify the complex and make share plan and reward communications accessible. And because we have technical and design expertise, we know how to do it with our eyes closed (well, almost).

We’re knowledgeable

Our expertise saves you time, energy and budget, adding broader value to your project. Our account managers have all worked extensively in HR, share plan and total reward roles. It means whatever you’re looking to communicate, we’re quickly up to speed. And it means your communications content will always be technically accurate, without you having to worry about using extra services.

We blend the technical and creative

This is where the magic really happens, because our skilled copywriters, designers and animators can turn even the most technical content into something engaging. Booklets, brochures and blog posts – we create them all using carefully chosen themes and colours to create a strong identity that fits with your brand.

Did we mention we’re bold? When it comes to your reward communication, we can go as bold as you like. We love creating compelling narratives that grab attention and draw people in. We’re also big fans of ditching the jargon and using clear, everyday language that won’t scare people off or bamboozle them with ‘boring’ information.

We think outside the box

There’s a reason our mantra is ‘Challenge the Process’. Our founder Chrissie set up Eximia after years of working in-house and noticing her colleagues weren’t as excited about share plans and reward as she was. She realised good communications that engage, educate and empower were the missing link.

If your communications are stuck in a rut we’ll help you to challenge the way you’ve done things before, find new and more creative ways to engage your colleagues and you guessed it, be that little bit bolder too. Let us think outside the box for you and we promise you’ll see great results!

We offer an end-to end service

There are so many moving parts to an internal communications campaign – from creating a strategic roadmap so everything lands on the right channels at the right times, to measuring its success and gaining valuable feedback. We do all of that for you, tailoring everything to suit your needs and budget.

So whether you need support with a one-off campaign launch, or guidance throughout an entire reward or share plan lifecycle – we’re here for you.

Ready to sprinkle your total reward communications with a little Eximia magic? Get in touch to see how we can help you.

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