Good share plan communication is like good pizza (it’s all in the delivery)

Happy National Pizza Day

Pizza – favourite food of Eximians – and share plan communication (also a firm favourite) have dough-much in common. As it’s National Pizza Day, let’s hear why.

You may knead a little convincing but crust us – we’ll explain it all…

Creating a real pizza work

First up there’s your dough

A good pizza starts with a base that’s the right blend of flour and yeast. A great share plan has the good stuff baked in right from the start, too! Fold in a good helping of financial, legal, and tax advice to create an appetising foundation.

Next is your sauce

Whether you opt for tomato, BBQ or salsa, a good dollop of sauce smooths the way for all the tasty stuff to follow! In the same way, a good layer of compliance will keep your share plan communications smooth and consistent further down the line.

Now for the cheese

Cheddar, mozzarella, ricotta or vegan… the cheese is where all your toppings rest. In share plan communication this is the equivalent of your channels, which is where your assets will come to settle. Experiment with different ones to discover where the hunger for your content is.

And finally, the fun stuff – your toppings!

The toppings you scatter on top of your cheese is what really makes your pizza your own. Does pineapple belong there? It does if you want it to! Anchovies? Peppers? Avocado? Ham? The choice is yours – cheese the day!

In share plan communication, your anchovies and avocados are your assets. Those super-tasty pieces of content that land on your channels. These might include videos, emails, newsletters, microsites, blogs of gifs… just like picking out your pizza toppings, you’ll want to create your own mix and make it as tempting as you can!

A result, you could say, that’ll have your people reaching for a slice of the action.

Takeaway our infographic

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